Woman adopts an 80-pound tortoise. But one day, what she discovers hiding in his hutch—’thrilled’

"I think he loved it!"
February 12, 2018 9:29 am Last Updated: February 12, 2018 9:29 am

Puppies are often adventurous, playful, and mischievous—but sometimes they need a bit of reassurance from a faithful friend.

But who these stray puppies made friends with was not expected at all!

When four puppies were brought to a PetSmart near Corona, California, Andrea, a foster carer at 2nd Chances Rescue, was the one to take them home.


As well as fostering hundreds of puppies in the past, Andrea has also taken in another kind of animal—an 80-pound sulcata tortoise named Goliath. The tortoise is now a permanent resident in Andrea’s house.

Goliath is a sociable tortoise who likes to get attention from his owner.

“When I come in the back yard, Goliath does follow me around and he tends to plop himself wherever he wants,” Andrea said in a video for PAWsitive. “He wants to be touched.”

Though Goliath likes the attention, Andrea’s other foster animals usually find him a bit intimidating, and so he often ends up just wandering around the backyard on his own.


But one day, when Andrea was taking care of the four little pups, she went into the yard and discovered that one of them was missing. Freaked out, she started to search the area.

Where she found the puppy was a bit of a surprise!

“I ended up finding one of the puppies in Goliath’s hutch,” Andrea said. “That’s when I realized that they were all going in there.”

She took a photograph of the unlikely friendship between the puppies and Goliath.


Goliath and the puppies became great friends. They’d eat together, play together, and sometimes Goliath would even let them ride on his shell!


The friendship was even more surprising, because none of the other dogs Andrea has fostered have ever treated Goliath in this way.

“They see him. They’re afraid of him. They ignore him. [It’s] not like this,” Andrea said.

The pups loved Goliath so much, they’d even snuggle up next to him. He’d never had this much attention before.


“I think he was thrilled,” Andrea said. “I think he loved it!”

Watch the cute friendship in the video below: