Teacher buys school bus & learns how to drive it himself to make sure students can attend school

Students had started to dropout of school because they simply couldn't find a way to get there
July 11, 2018 6:12 pm Last Updated: July 11, 2018 6:12 pm

You may not realize it until you’re older, but going to school as a kid is crucial to your development.

Though many of us dread the thought of going to class, it’s necessary to prepare us for what lies ahead in our futures.

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But many of us were accustomed to taking the school bus every day, without a problem. And some students don’t always have that luxury.

The students of Baarali Government Higher Primary School in Udupi, India started to drop out of school in 2017 for a pretty simple reason—they just couldn’t find a way to get there.

For many of the students, the commute to school would be one that’s nearly two miles long, and one that has no actual roads; no school busses were available to pick these kids up, either.

It got to the point where the school was close to shutting down because of the lack of students.

Math and science teacher Rajaram knows this just as well as any of the students, and he saw it first-hand in his class.

“Every week at least five to six students were not turning up,” Rajaram told The News Minute.

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He didn’t want to see all of these kids to miss out on an education. So Rajaram took it upon himself to change this.

The teacher and a former alumnae of the school used their money to purchase a school bus, one that could pick up the missing students.

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However, getting a driver would be a different story. The cost of hiring one was way out of the school’s budget, let alone Rajaram’s.

But since he came this far, he figured that if you want to do something right, you’ll have to do it yourself.

“I decided that I would have to learn how to drive the bus and do the task myself,” Rajaram said.

The man got his license for driving busses, and even got bus insurance for the vehicle.

Though he has to wake up earlier than usual to pick the kids up, it seems that nothing will stop this man from providing these children with a ride to school.

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“I make sure that all the students are on time,” he said.

This story is an example of the importance of teachers not just teaching, but they’re also people who are tasked with shaping the future of our world.

We should be able to trust them with creating a connection with our children. And those who go above and beyond like Rajaram did show that the future is in good hands.