Quintuplets make life for this mother 5 times more fun and 5 times crazier

If one gets their nails done, they all get their nails done
July 10, 2018 5:10 pm Last Updated: July 10, 2018 5:10 pm

Having twins is pretty rare, and having triplets is even more unprecedented.

But only a few have ever gotten to five.

And that’s what happened with the Busby family; about a year ago, they were blessed with quintuplets, and all of them were girls.

(Facebook / NTD Life)

In fact, this family claims to have the only all-girl quintuplet set in the United States. Taking just one look at them can show you that the quintuplets are five cute and happy bundles of joy.

But as one would expect, it looks like a handful at times.

For example, if one girl wants their nails painted, you can assume that the other four want the same thing done to them. Obviously, it’s five times the work of having just one child.

(Facebook / NTD Life)

Their YouTube channel called “It’s a Buzz World,” chronicles the family’s lives, with their latest video showing everyone taking a road trip to Louisiana. Imagine the chaos that can come from that.

But it also seems that nothing else in these parents’ lives can make them smile quite like their children. And that’s really all that matters.

Watch to see the family for yourself.

Credit: It’s a Buzz World