Police show up to investigate dangerous traffic situation—but then it jumps into their car

June 13, 2018 5:06 pm Last Updated: June 15, 2018 6:36 pm

Nobody ever wants to end up in the backseat of a police cruiser. That usually means they’re in for a long night, filled with consequences that will echo well into the future.

But in Marin County, California, one brave soul went out of their way to hop into the backseat. The officers weren’t totally sure of what they should do, but they knew they should have the camera rolling.

On May 7, in Marin County, California, a fawn climbed inside of a police car.

(Instagram/ @marinsheriff)

While driving along a busy road, drivers spotted the fawn sitting dangerously in the way of traffic. As cars swerved around her, a nervous mother doe watched from the side of the road.

“The baby deer was separated from its mama who was desperately pacing at a safe distance but sincerely worried about her baby,” the Marin County Sheriff’s Office said in its Instagram post.

Concerned drivers were able to bring traffic to a complete stop and keep the baby deer free from harm until police officers arrived. The officers intended to reunite the young deer with its mother so that they might be on their way.

The curious creature had other plans.

Instead of crossing the road and joining its mother, she hopped into the backseat of the police cruiser. It was an unexpected and cute development.

One of the officers recorded the incident, while another tried to coax the deer out.

(Twitter/ @MarinSheriff)

“When a baby deer is in the roadway and decides to check out your patrol car before being reunited with its mother, it looks [sic] this,” the Marin County Sheriff’s office said on Twitter.

“Hey sweetheart, can you back out and climb out of the car?” the officer recording said from behind the camera in the video. “This is what happens when tiny little baby deers get stuck behind your patrol car seat.”

The animal, not paying much attention to their attempts to get her out of the car, sniffed the officer’s cup of coffee, looked around at her strange surroundings, and stepped further into the car.

Awkward and unsure of its footing, the speckled baby deer climbed over the car’s center console and vaulted itself onto the passenger seat. With an attempt that was part leap, part sliding fall, it exited the car through the passenger side door.

The deer reunited with its mother, and the two trotted eagerly back into the woods.

(Instagram/ @marinsheriff)

“The baby jumped into our patrol car but we were able to get her to her momma and the two happily ran off into the woods,” they said in their post.

The video is an adorable reminder of all the good officers do in the community. They aren’t only there to stop bad guys. The police are there to protect everyone—and that includes the baby deer population.

Video Credit: Marin County Sheriff (twitter.com/MarinSheriff)