Mom driving in the snow spots an unusual sight. But then she stops car & does something unexpected

It was extremely cold and snowing
February 12, 2018 6:20 pm Last Updated: February 12, 2018 6:20 pm

A mom had just picked up her 9-year-old daughter from school, and they were on their way home. It was extremely cold and snowing—and then she spotted an unusual sight along the road.

An old woman was trudging along by herself. She had on a coat that went down to her knees, but she looked to be in her mid-80s, thin and frail, with white hair peeking out from her knitted hat. She was carrying a plastic bag, the kind from a grocery store.

The lady was walking along a road with no houses nearby, and it looked like she was heading towards an upcoming parking lot with two big stores.

Her first instinct was to help—maybe she could give the woman a ride.

The mother practiced Falun Dafa, which teaches people to live by the principles of truthfulness, compassion, and forbearance. She applied these principles to all aspects of her life.

At first, she thought, if I offer the old woman a lift, she might be worried about strangers picking her up. She wouldn’t want to scare the lady, but she knew that trudging in the snow could be difficult and wear someone out—even a young person—pretty quickly.

Then the mother looked around the car. She only had her young daughter, her very old father (in his 80s), and she herself was a middle-aged lady. Not a very threatening crew.

Without any more thought, she knew the compassionate thing to do would be to at least ask the woman if she wanted a ride.

So the mom stopped the car and approached her to ask. The reply was one of immense gratitude.

“Yes, thank you. Yes, I’d like a ride. It’s soooo cold out. I’m not going far. Only to Target,” the store down the way, the woman replied. “My son normally takes me to the store, but he can’t today. I need cat food. You know, you can’t run out of cat food.”

The old woman chatted happily for the very short ride. The ride seemed to take only a minute of the mom’s time, but the woman could have been out in the freezing cold for at least 10 more minutes. And who knows how far she’d already walked?

“Thank you so much! I’ll be fine now.” The lady beamed.

The mom offered to wait and give the lady a ride home, but she declined.

“I’ll manage,” she explained. The pleasant surprise of a kind gesture from a stranger had already brightened her day.