Man’s organs all seemed to be failing—but what his police officer friend recommends—unthinkable

May 15, 2018 4:23 pm Last Updated: May 16, 2018 10:01 pm

Two close friends named Liming and Xinming (names changed to protect identity) lived in China under the communist regime, where they have had a number of remarkable experiences together.

Liming was known for being well-spoken, and a number of years ago, he was chosen for a job in the 610 Office by the local Political and Legal Committee within the Chinese Communist Party.

The 610 Office was named for the date it was created: June 10, 1999. The office can be compared to the Nazi regime’s secret police called the Gestapo.

Police detain a Falun Gong protester in Tiananmen Square on Oct. 1, 2000. (AP Photo/Chien-min Chung)

The 610 Office specializes in the persecution of a peaceful spiritual group called Falun Gong, also known as Falun Dafa, a meditation practice that teaches the principles of truthfulness, compassion, and tolerance.

610 Office personnel are responsible for investigating Falun Gong practitioners’ activities in China, arresting and imprisoning them, and organizing brainwashing “re-education” sessions to try to force them to quit the meditation discipline. Many Falun Gong practitioners have been tortured and killed as a result.

Liming personally held such brainwashing sessions many times, according to In the process, practitioners talked with him extensively about their positive experiences with the practice, including miraculous health benefits. They showed great strength of character and repeatedly refused to quit the practice.

Falun Gong practitioners meditate at a candlelight vigil in front of the Chinese Consulate in San Francisco on Oct. 22, 2016, for those who have died during the persecution in China. (Benjamin Chasteen/Epoch Times)

Every day, Liming would receive phone calls from Chinese people who lived overseas, who were supporting their friends and family in China. The callers shared with him the truth about Falun Gong, how it was beneficial to people, and that the persecution was unjust and cruel. Eventually, Liming’s understanding of Falun Gong underwent a great change.

Meanwhile, his friend Xinming had grown ill and suffered from a number of diseases for eight years. First he came down with inflammation of the gallbladder. Then he developed problems with his liver, lungs, and stomach. Later, he suffered from hypertension.

Finally, all his organs seemed to be failing—and he was only in his 40s. However, the doctors had trouble diagnosing the problem. At one time, they prescribed a hormone treatment, which he took for 17 days—but afterwards, there was no improvement. The doctors were puzzled.

Xinming also began to experience agonizing pain that plagued him at every moment. However, the pain seemed to move around his body. At one point, he felt that his heart was being suffocated and was about to stop. Later, the pain he felt in his waist and back was like being stabbed by knives.

At times, he felt like stabbing himself to death—to end the pain once and for all.

When he was able to get a little sleep, he dreamed he was with his late father. Xinming felt like he was nearing the end of his life.

He then went to see his good friend Liming and shared with him his funeral plans. He begged Liming to take care of his wife and children after his death. Xinming’s unfortunate situation left them both in tears.

Finally, Liming turned to his friend and told him there might be another way.

Liming told his desperate friend about the miraculous stories he had heard from Falun Gong practitioners. Many of them had recovered from grave illnesses and had been near death themselves.

Falun Gong practitioners perform the sitting meditation at Boston Common. (

Even though Falun Gong was banned, and Liming had persecuted practitioners himself for years, Liming suggested that his friend try the meditation practice. Xinming was shocked, but he knew his friend would not make such a suggestion lightly.

Xinming then asked Liming who would be able to teach him Falun Gong.

Liming then took his friend and searched for a former detainee who practiced Falun Gong—however, they could not find him. Xinming later continued to search for the man, and eventually he found his contact information.

On the morning of May 13, 2011, Xinming called the Falun Gong practitioner four times. In the afternoon, he tried again—and this time he got an answer.

Xinming told the man about his incurable disease and how he had lost hope in doctors. The man said he had also heard of many miracles in Falun Gong, and he could teach Xinming the exercises and give him books of the teachings written by founder Li Hongzhi.

“As long as you follow the principles of truthfulness, compassion, and forbearance, cultivate your mind, and improve your character, a miracle will occur,” said the man.

They made an appointment to meet.

Falun Dafa practitioners participate in a World Falun Dafa Day activity at Union Square, New York City, on May 11, 2017. (Samira Bouaou/The Epoch Times)

However, that evening, the Falun Gong practitioner began to worry. It was World Falun Dafa Day. It was unusual that someone would call to learn the Falun Gong exercises on that exact day.

Having previously been arrested and detained himself, the Falun Gong practitioner wondered if Xinming was a spy sent by the 610 Office.

The next day Xinming came to the practitioner’s home, and the man immediately spoke up about his doubts.

Xinming then told the practitioner about his entire process of learning about Falun Gong and his search to find someone to teach him the practice.

The practitioner was relieved and happy for the sick man. Xinming then began sincerely practicing the meditation, studying the teachings, and trying his best to live up to its principles.

Hundreds of Falun Dafa practitioners hold a candlelight vigil in Washington on July 20, 2017. The candles in the front form the Chinese characters for truthfulness, compassion, and tolerance, the three main tenets of Falun Dafa. (Benjamin Chasteen/The Epoch Times)

Less than one month later, all of his health problems vanished. He was filled with joy and surprise, and he was inspired to write a poem.

“Unforeseeable and doomed was my destiny,” he wrote. “Gone are misfortunes, clear and pure are heaven and earth.”

After witnessing such a miracle, Xinming’s wife also decided to practice cultivation in Falun Dafa.

There is no news on whether Liming has continued to work for the 610 Office or has found another job. Yet the story of these two friends has inspired others to imagine a future for China where innocent people will no longer be persecuted.

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