Judge is unsure of how to rule, so he asks an unexpected someone for advice

"I'm up for it"
February 12, 2018 5:35 pm Last Updated: February 12, 2018 5:35 pm

In court, a woman was charged with an overnight parking ticket, which was tripled due to not paying it on time. However, she did not know of the ticket until it was too late.

And lucky for her, this judge seemed to be very forgiving.

He understood where the girl was coming from, and decided to bargain with her. And he also asked for some help with deciding how much the girl should pay for the ticket.

What ensues next shows how this judge knows that we are all human. We all make mistakes, and we shouldn’t be harshly punished every time for making one.

See how this judge approaches the situation.

Credit: Caught In Providence