Mom goes to store for supplies for paralyzed son. But how one worker reacts—’I’ll remember forever’

January 12, 2018 10:54 am Last Updated: January 12, 2018 10:54 am

Oliver Hinkley is the 2nd child of Brittney and Aaron Hinkley, who reside in Waco, Texas. The baby came to the world prematurely at 30 weeks, but when his mother was 18 weeks into her pregnancy, doctors told the couple that something was wrong with the baby.

Oliver would be born with spina bifida — a condition that paralyzed him from the waist down.

(Facebook / Brittney Hinkley)

It’s discouraging for anyone to get this kind of news before the baby is even born, but the family didn’t let this affect them. They would stick with Oliver every step of the way.

Despite the doctors telling the parents to not expect him to be able to crawl, Oliver was crawling at age 1. The boy was slowly making progress despite his condition, and it defied all of his parent’s expectations.

“We’ve kind of learned to not to expect anything,” Brittney said about her son. “But he just surprises us with what he sets his mind to.”

(Facebook / Brittney Hinkley)

The boy’s determination to walk was remarkable, but it suddenly hit a wall.

At one point, the family’s insurance was running low, which meant Oliver couldn’t do his therapy anymore.

All the progress Oliver was making came to a screeching halt. It was disappointing for the family, as they didn’t have much to work with at their house to help Oliver practice walking.

Instead of giving up, Brittney decided to go to The Home Depot at the beginning of January to try and find supplies to construct something that can help Oliver go on with his therapy.

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While she was there, she was helped by a worker named Joe. Initially, he was only pointing her to items she needed. But when she explained why Oliver needed these resources, Joe decided to take matters into his own hands.

“From there, he just kind of took a step more,” Brittney said. The man told Brittney to wander the store for a half hour, and then come back to him as he would have all the tools she needed. He got everything she wanted, which included PVC pipes and glue.

Before she knew it, Joe and the Home Depot coworkers had constructed the mechanism she had wanted for her son.

(Facebook / Brittney Hinkley)

And not only did him and his coworkers build it right then and there, but they also gave it to her free of charge.

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Oliver can now continue his therapy thanks to Joe and the workers at Home Depot.

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“This little item, is everything to me and my son,” she said. The boy looks like he’s getting closer to walking every day, as a video posted by his mother shows how Oliver taking steps using the mechanism with a big smile on his face.

“A regular day, turned in to one I’ll remember forever,” Brittney said in a Facebook post. It’s people like Joe going out of their way to help others that make the world a better place. And now, Oliver is all the more closer to being able to walk on his own.

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