Boy sees little girl acting weird at lunch, but when he realized what was happening—starts running

March 4, 2018 9:43 am Last Updated: March 5, 2018 3:35 pm

Lessons learned from movies aren’t always applicable to real life. For instance, barging into a wedding at the last minute to yell “I OBJECT!” is probably not going to result in anything other than getting kicked out.

Yet, every so often, movies teach us something truly valuable, as Benjamin Ford, a fifth grader at Greenwood Elementary School in Henrico, Virginia, has proven.

One day at lunch recently, Benjamin noticed a girl changing colors and gasping for air.

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By all accounts, it looked like she was choking. Benjamin was mortified!

“I wasn’t really calm, my heart was racing I just knew I had to help her,” Benjamin told CBS 6 News.

Still, he knew exactly what he had to do. A documentary he watched with his mom a few years earlier taught him how to do the Heimlich.

He performed the Heimlich maneuver and ended up saving her life.

“I felt like I had to hurry up and get to her … I thought in a couple more seconds she might not make it,” Benjamin said.

Greenwood Elementary school administrators shared the heroic story with the whole school.

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“I got a lot of claps and I had a lot of fist bumps and they were really supportive when I walked down the hall,” Benjamin said.

At first, Ben’s parents thought he was referring to something he did in a video game.

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“Then we found out it was a real person we were shocked….it was awesome,” Benjamin’s mother, Kateresea Ford, said.

Now, knowing the truth, his parents made sure their son got rewarded for his deed. When they picked him up from school the next day, they treated their son to some special surprises.

Benjamin got to pick out a new video game and was taken to see Black Panther.

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He definitely earned his rewards!

That Benjamin recalled something from a movie years ago and saved someone’s life is incredible!

Henrico 5th grader saves choking friend

A fifth grader in Henrico has been hailed a hero for jumping into action when he saw a classmate choking at lunch; she was starting to turn colors and gasping for breath. “I wasn’t really calm, my heart was racing I just knew I had to help her,” said Benjamin Ford.Story:

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