Mom films emotional video to her newborn son. But the reason?—’I wanted to tell you why’

January 11, 2018 5:55 pm Last Updated: January 11, 2018 5:55 pm

Bringing a child into this world is a huge responsibility—not only financially, but emotionally, physically, and mentally. Some people bring children into this world, but realize they can’t be there for the child as much as they should be. Some of these parents decide to go ahead with their pregnancy and choose a family that can better manage the responsibility of caring for their baby.

Hannah Mongie went through pure agony when she had to split from her son Taggart, but she knew deep in her heart that it was the correct thing to do.

Mongie had only been 18 years old when she found out she was pregnant.

“Two days after he heard your heartbeat, [your father’s] heart stopped.”

Although Mongie and her boyfriend Kaden were excited about having their first child, two days after hearing Taggart’s heartbeat for the first time, the baby’s father died in his sleep from natural causes.

Mongie believed her unconditional love was not enough for her son, so she decided to put him up for adoption. She wanted to make sure Taggart had both a father and a mother in his life.

Before giving her newborn baby to his new family, she decided to spend two days of alone time with her little boy. During her final hours of having Taggart all to herself, she recorded a video message to him, ensuring that he would forever know that he was loved by her, according to KTVU.

“I wanted to tell you why I decided to place you with your family.”

During the nine-minute video below, she explains to Taggart that it was very hard to give him up to another family—because he was her last piece of Kaden. However, she knew he was supposed to be with another family.

“I made this decision purely out of love because I knew I couldn’t give you what I knew you needed, which is a mommy and a daddy,” she said in her video. “I hope your daddy is watching over us right now. I bet he’s with me right now, because this is the hardest part, and he wouldn’t leave me alone during this.”

Mongie became extremely emotional while talking to her baby, but she continued to assure Taggart that he was loved and she had found the perfect family for him.

After looking on, she came across Brad and Emily Marsh, who agreed to an open adoption.

“They were beyond anything I could have asked for, and I have really, really high standards for anyone who is going to raise my child. So I met them, and I fell in love with them, and within about two weeks I told them I wanted them to adopt you.”

She told Taggart that she and his new mother, Emily, are best friends, and they are both excited to have Taggart join the Marsh family.

“Right now, is the last hour of those two days before I send you off to Brad and Emily, and then you’re going to be their little boy.”

“I just want you to know that I really love you so much. More than I’ve ever loved any other human in the whole world.”

Even though Kaden was not there to tell Taggart, Mongie assured him that his father loved him as well, “from the very beginning.”

It’s hard for anyone to watch Mongie’s video without shedding a tear, and many commenters agree. Mongie explained that she made the video instead of writing a letter, because “it is real and it’s in the moment.”

She ended the video message by saying, “I just wanted to let you know that I love you and I made this decision completely out of love. And if I didn’t love you, I wouldn’t be in the position at all and you wouldn’t have this awesome family.”

“I’m going to give you all the kisses I can before I sign you away to Brad and Emily. I love you Taggart Kaden Marsh.”

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Now, Taggart, or “Tagg” is a year and a half old, and Mongie told KTVU that she sees him at least once a month, but usually several times a month.

“I just adopted his entire family into mine. Including his extended family. We just grew, and everyone loves each other as if we’ve always been family.”

“His mom Emily is still one of my best friends in the whole world,” Mongie said to KTVU. “She honestly is everything I want to be as a person and a mother. I am so grateful that Tagg led me to her and their family. They are a blessing alone. And with Tagg, they are everything I need.”

Watch the video below: