England: Withdrawn Rescue Dog Comes out of His Shell After Only a Week

April 3, 2018 4:35 pm Last Updated: April 3, 2018 4:35 pm

Finlay, a rescue dog from Romania, was described as being scared and withdrawn when he was first brought to the UK by Stray to Safety, a nonprofit working to improve pound conditions in Adjud, Romania. The nonprofit works at a public shelter that houses over 300 stray-dogs captured on Romanian streets.

The video first shows Finlay comfortably playing with a sock alongside another dog in his new foster home, before cutting to footage of him taken just a week earlier at his shelter in Romania, where he sits facing the corner with his head drooping.

Lynsey Hewitson, who runs the nonprofit, said Finlay was “simply terrified and shut down, he just sat in a corner shaking trying to avoid any eye contact” before he was taken in by his foster family in the UK.

The nonprofit worker gives his foster family the credit for his progress, saying, “His foster mum has done amazingly well, she hasn’t pushed him or given up on him after a few days like many people sadly do.”

Judging by the differences seen in the pooches demeanor in the first and second clips, it’s easy to see how effective Finlay’s foster mum’s methods have been at getting him to open up and start enjoying his new life.

Hopefully, the foster arrangement turns into something more permanent for this very good boy.


Credit: Stray to Safety via Storyful