Canada Heat Wave-Linked Death Toll Near 55

July 8, 2018 12:13 am Last Updated: July 8, 2018 12:13 am

The death toll linked to a heat wave in Canada’s Quebec province has reached at least 54 people in one week, health officials said on Friday (July 6), as extreme weather conditions that have gripped central and eastern Canada continued to hit the province.

Twenty-eight of the victims were in Montreal, while the rest died in areas across southern Quebec, CBC said on Friday citing officials. The people who died were the elderly, especially men living alone, as well as people living out of bounds and often vulnerable due to conditions such as substance abuse, chronic ailments and mental illnesses, officials said.

A crucial factor in the heat deaths was the absence of air conditioning inside hot apartments, CBC said.

Paramedics made close to 1,400 calls just last Thursday, 30 percent more than usual, according to CBC which cited an emergency services spokeswoman.

Montreal’s public health officials including fire and rescue workers were making house to house wellness visits, targeting the most vulnerable.

The city previously raised the city’s response level to “intervention” from “alert” after a spike in heat-related calls to the government’s health information line and for ambulances.

Heat warnings were issued last week for much of Ontario, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick but officials lifted the heat warnings on Friday, according to CBC, although temperatures were expected to climb again by Monday.


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