6-Year-Old ‘Baby Steph’ Cheers on Golden State Warriors

June 4, 2018 6:13 pm Last Updated: June 4, 2018 6:19 pm

During the weekdays, 6-year-old Trent Fuller is a kindergartner in Fairfield. After school, he can often be found outside on his family’s home basketball equipment, dribbling a ball (or two) and shooting baskets.

“I started when I was two,” he says. He has showed consistent enthusiasm for the game, gathering skills few adults can match. That, along with his resemblance to Warriors player Steph Curry, has earned him the nickname “Baby Steph.”

“We started going to the games, people started to recognize him, started to say ‘oh that looks like little Steph Curry,’ and you know, that’s just kind of how people referred to him,” says his mother.

What does Trent think of his nickname? “Well, I don’t really mind that they call me Baby Steph Curry sometimes. Not all of the time.”

His reputation and his confidence have gained him quite a few opportunities. He is on a first-name basis with Curry and many of the other warriors, and he was a sideline reporter during media day. And when it comes to interviewing, his mom says, “He’s a natural. We never have to tell him what to say. As you can see, he always says what’s at the top of his mind.”